Episode 20 - Jude Goergen (Part 1)

This week, Tim welcomes Jude Goergen to the show! In part 1 of their 2-part conversation, the two discuss some of Jude's businesses and creative ventures such as Damn Fine Coffee Bar (which he co-owns and does the marketing for), his time traveling around, recording, producing and DJing under the name Jugoe, and his time spent in Cambodia helping open the cocktail bar, Le Boutier. They also discuss Twin Peaks, entrepreneurship, musical influences, production, internships, Hip-Hop (including his teenage hip-hop group Hidden Allies), relevancy, Shadow Records, Bastard Jazz Recordings, Cambodian history, materialism, and much more. Stay tuned in after the outro to hear a couple of Jugoe tracks personally selected by Jude. Part 2 coming soon! In the intro, Tim discusses 'anxiety spirals' and Domino's Pizza.