Episode 17 - Bill Stovall

Tim welcomes Bill Stovall to the show! The two discuss family, parenthood, concerts, IVF, growing up around addiction, genetics, religion, conspiracy theories, national outrage, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, being on the receiving end of a drive-by shooting, friendship, being a musician and touring in rock bands, patriotism, death, masturbation, the time Tim thought he broke his penis, Bill's personal story involving a Target bathroom, and much more! Neither has boundaries in this conversation which makes for a personal, revealing and all-around entertaining conversation. In the intro Tim discusses recording outdoors, Indianapolis, friends, the idea of “home” and Domino's Pizza. Stay tuned after the conversation to hear a couple of songs from Bill's past. Enjoy!

***Featured Music***

Who I Am - by SLUR

Lovin' Man - by The Remainders