Episode 25 - Christopher "Bubbs" Brown

Tim welcomes Christopher "Bubbs" Brown to the show! Bubbs is one half of the Chicago-based blues/country/roots band Bubbles Brown. The two sit down over beers to discuss the music business, influences, recording, songwriting, how Bubbs & percussionist Washboard Ben started Bubbles Brown, busking, vinyl records, Chicago, DMT, existentialism, Earphoria, happiness, companionship, conspiracy theories, depression, the apocalypse, paranormal experiences, Burt Reynolds, and much more! Tim also selects a handful of Bubbles Brown tracks to play throughout the episode. In the intro, Tim talks about traveling and Tom Petty and in the outro, he makes an important announcement. Enjoy! (links, song info, & videos below)



  • "Kokomo Blues"  -  Oh, Sure! Volume: 2 - Mississippi Fred McDowell
  • "Ashtray Alleyway"  -  Mt. Gilead
  • "Song For Adrienne"  -  Pigeon Cousin
  • "Cornerstone Blues"  -  Mt. Gilead
  • "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"  -  Oh, Sure! Volume: 1 - Baby, It Must Be Love
  • "Hop In The Line"  -  Mt. Gilead

Episode 24 - Stacey Johnson

Tim welcomes Stacey Johnson to the show! The two discuss Chicago, things we can all do to engage in our local communities, running, marathons, Paris, family, marriage, divorce, Catholicism, passion, dating, Vh1 Divas, Hamilton, preparation for an apocalypse, sexual harassment on the CTA, Chicago Cubs, political corruption, therapy and much more! In the intro, Tim talks about family and Domino's Pizza. He also reads a note Lindsay wrote in honor of Stacey. Enjoy!

Episode 23 - Jeff Moulton (Tappers Arcade Bar)

Tim welcomes Jeff Moulton to the show! Jeff is a co-founder and co-owner of Tappers Arcade Bar in Indianapolis, Indiana. The two of them discuss arcade bars, how Tappers came to be, the ups and downs of starting & owning a business, arcade game restoration, the gaming community, crowdfunding, craft beer, nostalgia, ideal weaponry for a zombie apocalypse, passion, intolerance, the internet in the 90's & early 2000's, family, music, Tom Waits, nerd culture, common sense, the scientific method, Otaku, food, religion, Quakerism, and the need to always be learning. In the intro Tim talks about music festivals, drugs, kids, Primus, Ween, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Domino's Pizza. Enjoy!






Episode 22 - Heather Button

Tim welcomes Heather Button to the show! THIS EPISODE FEATURES GRAPHIC AND SENSITIVE MATERIAL. The first half of the conversation mostly revolves around mental health issues as the two discuss family, Catholic school, bullying, drug use, addiction, growing up with a mother diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar disorder, therapy, depression, self-harm and suicide. In the second half, they discuss happiness, concerts, horror movies, body issues, expectations, haunted cemeteries and prisons, NASCAR, relationships, food, travel, and demonic possession. Tim discusses the eclipse, Nazis, mental health, and Domino's Pizza in the intro. Enjoy!

Episode 21 - Don Smith (feat. Deb Smith)

Tim welcomes his father, Don Smith, to the show! The two sit down over drinks and discuss Don's childhood, being a professional trumpet player, performing in rock bands in his teens and early twenties, performing with an orchestra at a Star Wars convention, performing with the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band, working his way up the corporate ladder, drugs, alcohol, family, working for a limousine company, and more. For the second half they bring in Don's wife, Deb, and the three of them discuss the apocalypse, religion, God, the afterlife, parenthood, conspiracy theories, depression, anxiety, genetics, wedding entertainment, society, divorce, addiction, and much more. In the intro, Tim talks about a recent event in his life and Domino's Pizza.

Episode 20 - Jude Goergen (Part 1)

This week, Tim welcomes Jude Goergen to the show! In part 1 of their 2-part conversation, the two discuss some of Jude's businesses and creative ventures such as Damn Fine Coffee Bar (which he co-owns and does the marketing for), his time traveling around, recording, producing and DJing under the name Jugoe, and his time spent in Cambodia helping open the cocktail bar, Le Boutier. They also discuss Twin Peaks, entrepreneurship, musical influences, production, internships, Hip-Hop (including his teenage hip-hop group Hidden Allies), relevancy, Shadow Records, Bastard Jazz Recordings, Cambodian history, materialism, and much more. Stay tuned in after the outro to hear a couple of Jugoe tracks personally selected by Jude. Part 2 coming soon! In the intro, Tim discusses 'anxiety spirals' and Domino's Pizza.

Episode 19 - Gloria Morris (Float Sixty)

Tim welcomes Gloria Morris (Founder and President of Float Sixty) to the show! The two of them discuss float tanks, sensory deprivation, questions and fears people have about floating, how and why she started Float Sixty, family, consciousness, meditation, MUSE: the brain sensing headband, acro masssage, the difficulty of “letting go”, how much data humans are constantly consuming, virtual reality, and more. Tim talks about floating and Domino's Pizza in the intro and makes his best attempt at recording an outro for the episode while still 'coming down' from his float experience. Enjoy!

***  FLOAT SIXTY WEBSITE ***  -  For all of their social media links, FAQ's, blog, float options, schedule, locations, and more!

Episode 18 - Spencer Stevens

Tim welcomes Spencer Stevens to the show! The two discuss car accidents, growing up in a small town, musical theatre, family, politics, religion, church, the 'media', empathy, cocaine, D.A.R.E, fears, anxiety, addiction, vanity, health, extraterrestrials, and much more. In the intro Tim talks about floating in a sensory deprivation tank, marijuana, paranoia, Domino's Pizza, and why it took him so long to upload this episode which was recorded back in 2016. At the end of the episode, you can listen to a song that Spencer and Tim both played on many years ago. Enjoy!

***Featured Music***

Dumb It Down (demo) - the fallow

Episode 17 - Bill Stovall

Tim welcomes Bill Stovall to the show! The two discuss family, parenthood, concerts, IVF, growing up around addiction, genetics, religion, conspiracy theories, national outrage, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, being on the receiving end of a drive-by shooting, friendship, being a musician and touring in rock bands, patriotism, death, masturbation, the time Tim thought he broke his penis, Bill's personal story involving a Target bathroom, and much more! Neither has boundaries in this conversation which makes for a personal, revealing and all-around entertaining conversation. In the intro Tim discusses recording outdoors, Indianapolis, friends, the idea of “home” and Domino's Pizza. Stay tuned after the conversation to hear a couple of songs from Bill's past. Enjoy!

***Featured Music***

Who I Am - by SLUR

Lovin' Man - by The Remainders

Episode 16 - Sarah Wood

Tim welcomes Sarah Wood to the show! The two discuss family, addiction, therapy, children, Misophonia, architecture, adult coloring books, anxiety, Canstruction, sustainability, equal opportunity in the workplace, China, climate change, meeting her boyfriend on Tinder, empathy, religion, dreams, "Death Over Dinner" and much more! In the intro, Tim talks about Memorial Day, GetLoudNow.com, Recovery.org, and Domino's Pizza. Enjoy!